Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Low Supply + High Demand = Price Increase

10/31/14 - Southern California rental costs are on the rise, and there's nothing we can do about it. According to a recent study cited in Tim Logan's L.A. Times article, rent prices throughout the Southland are poised to rise over 8% in the next two years. This is due partially to a surge in job growth as well as a shift from home ownership to rental.

While Southern California has long had issues in providing enough rental housing, the recent rise in demand is far surpassing the rate of new construction. The study shows that vacancies remain roughly the same, since the higher rent prices, combined with roughly unchanged income, make for a situation in which renters can't afford the cost of renting.

This trend, predicts the study, will lead to the mass exit of industrial jobs from Southern California. Without affordable housing, businesses can't afford to remain open or open new factories in the Southland. Logan's source even compares California's current stance to that of Detroit in its heyday: a strong housing market, which could fail as soon as industrial jobs move elsewhere.

As Logan discusses in the article, this future failure could be prevented with the right policy initiatives. From lowering restrictive and costly requirements on new construction to speeding up the approval of building permits, Logan presents evidence that shows how policy-makers could make housing more affordable and, at the same time, keep jobs close at hand.

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