Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Los Angeles: A Leader in Technology

10/8/14 - When many people think about the relationship between California and technology, Silicon Valley tends to be the first connection to jump into their minds. Santa Clara County, home to Silicon Valley, does indeed have plenty of technology-based jobs, but is it really Number One? According to Tim Logan's article in the L.A. Times, the real leader, at least in sheer numbers, is Los Angeles County.

A study performed by Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation produced results showing that L.A. has over 368,000 jobs in the technology sector, more than both Santa Clara's 313,000 and Boston's 361,000. While Los Angeles was once a powerhouse for careers in entertainment, jobs involving technology, including aerospace, architecture, engineering, and software design, have become much more common in the Los Angeles of today.

Not only is the number of jobs in technology growing; the pay rate for these careers is on the rise as well. Jobs in the high tech industry can pay approximately $87,000 per year, a difference of over $30,000 compared to the lower-paying jobs in non-technological industries. As Logan's article states, while 9% of the country's jobs are in high-tech industries, 17% of all wages in the country go to those employees in such industries.

In summation, Los Angeles is in the midst of a technological boom. With the push for faster production, in a world of instant gratification, technology is the way of the future. As people need the creation of newer innovations, high-tech industries will continue to grow. With the evolution of newer technologies and better jobs, this trend may, in the long run, have a dramatic effect on the economy as a whole, not just for those individuals in the high-tech industries.

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