Friday, February 3, 2017

ElectroMotiveLA Aims to Educate Consumers About Electric Vehicle Options

Most if not all drivers have heard something about the variety of electrical vehicles being marketed throughout the ever-evolving automobile industry. However, most of those people only know the bare bones about electric cars, if even that much. Besides the fact that electric vehicles are better for the environment and can be better for a consumer's wallet in the long run, very few consumers know much about what makes the different brands and models distinct. Fortunately, according to Russ Mitchell's L.A. Times article, a brand new website called ElectroMotiveLA was started to try to help people become more informed.

The website has many setting that allows potential buyers to do the necessary research to fully understand the car that they are looking to buy. It is designed specifically for Los Angeles residents and details the different models of electric vehicle and the kinds of features each version comes with. The website's settings allow a user to search for specific charging capabilities, the distance the car can travel on a single charge, and the type of tax credits the government tends to offer. To get specific information, ElectroMotiveLA meets with the heads of marketing at the companies and dealerships, but according to Mitchell, does not accept any payment from them.

ElectroMotiveLA is funded by a subsidiary of the Schmidt Family Foundation, a non-profit organization with a goal of improving renewable energy. Because the Foundation is looking to cut out fossil fuels and increase the prevalence of green energy sources, the creation fo the website to help consumers understand the technology seems to be the logical first step. Additionally, because ElectroMotiveLA receives its funding completely from the non-profit, it doesn't need to collect money from the car companies that it is reviewing, which gives the website more credibility.

Mainly, the goal is not to inform people about how electrical vehicles can save fuel and help prevent further environmental degradation. Instead, ElectroMotiveLA focuses on the stylish, cool aspects of the new types of electric vehicles, In that way, potential buyers have a good time learning about the technology, and may be more inclined to invest in it in the future. At this point, because gas prices are relatively low, people are not interested in paying double the price to get the electric version of their trusty combustion engine.

If people can be shown that the price difference is not so large, or that the difference in price can be made up over the long-term based on the personal and societal benefits of driving an electric car, then maybe that portion of the automobile industry will be able to grow. Already, California is moving forward, taking the lead in the electric vehicle market. That state boasts about 50% of total sales in the country, of which Los Angeles itself holds about 20% of the state's sales. Improved education on the subject, such as that provided by ElectroMotiveLA, could help the state's record continue to improve, Perhaps California's zero-emission mandate will be met sooner than expected.

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