Friday, July 5, 2019

In Light of Yesterdays 'Rocking' July 4th:

Melissa Motkin at Sepulveda Escrow wrote this handy Earthquake Preparedness Guide and we thought it might be especially important to remind all our readers. 

Stay Safe and Be Prepared! 

If an Emergency Occurs:
1. Listen to a battery-powered radio for the location of emergency shelters and follow instructions of local officials.
2. Wear Protective clothing and sturdy shoes.
3. Take your disaster supply kit.
4. Lock your house.
5. Use Travel Routes specified by local officials.

If you have time:
1. Shut off water, gas, and electricity.
2. Let others know when you left and where you are going.
3. Make arrangements for pets. Animals may not be allowed in public shelters.

Contents for Earthquake/Disaster Kit:
- water
- water purification kit or bleach
- non-perishable packages, canned, high energy food and non-electric can opener
- battery powered or hand-crank radio
- flashlight and extra batteries
- waterproof matches and candles
- first aid kit and manual
- scissors
- dust masks
- personal hygiene items (hand sanitizer, wipes, tissues, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, feminine supplies)
- towels
- plastic bags (various sizes)
- prescription medications
- extra pair of glasses
- credit cards and cash in small denominations
- pens and paper
- copies of personal documents (proof of address, passports, birth certificated, bank account records)
- list of family contact information including emergency contacts and doctor information
- pet supplies
- chargers for cell phones and other important electronics
- extra set of car and house keys
- booster cables
- fire extinguisher
- maps
- shovels
- axe
- duct tape
- heavy duty gloves
- rope
- multipurpose tool
- tire repair kit and pump
- change of clothing
- jacket or coat
- hat
- blankets or sleeping bags

Sepulveda Escrow sends our thoughts and regards to all the families and businesses who were affected by the recent quake.

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