Friday, December 29, 2017

JetBlue Airlines Ranked Highest for Domestic In-Flight WiFi Capabilities

Technological improvements over time allow the general public to take advantage of certain amenities that were once only available to the wealthy elite. Personal automobiles were once few and far between, due to the exorbitant price tags and cost of upkeep. Over the years, via various production improvements and the development of cheaper and longer-lasting parts, automobiles have become commonplace. Another example is that of airplane travel. More and more people these days choose to travel by air rather than by ground because of its efficiency, reasonable price, and various amenities. One such amenity that's drawing in more customers, according to Hugo Martin's L.A. Times article, is free or low-priced in-flight WiFi.

Whether flying for business or for pleasure, customers want to have access to everything that they could have while traveling by another mode of transportation. For quite a while, people traveling via car, bus, and even train have been able to make calls, send text messages, and access mobile internet data at no extra charge. Until recently, the convenience and speed of an airplane had the drawback that travelers couldn't remain in contact with the outside world. For some travelers, especially those traveling for business, hours without their mobile devices could make a huge difference in their personal lives and careers.

Access to in-flight internet is a wanted amenity for most passengers, but that draws the question: how much are people willing to pay for the amenity? Research has found that customers feel cheated if an airline charges them a rate that is significantly higher than their home internet or mobile data, on a per megabyte basis. Of course, this expectation doesn't make much sense, given that there's a huge difference between the infrastructure that provides mobile internet on a cell phone and WiFi on a flying plane thousands of feet in the sky, but people want what they want. made a ranking of the best airlines with respect to in-flight WiFi service. They ranked speed of connection, reliability, availability, and price, to come up with the sliding scale. In the end, they found that the airline with the best overall WiFi was found on JetBlue flights. JetBlue provides free 15 mbps internet to all passengers on 100% of its domestic flights. Southwest Airlines was ranked second, and has WiFi connectivity for $8 on 90% of its planes. Virgin America also provides 15 mbps connections, but for $25 per flight, so they are ranked even lower. Some industry leaders, like Hawaiian Airlines, Frontier, and Spirit Airways don't provide WiFi at all, putting them toward the bottom of the ranking.

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