Friday, November 3, 2017

Millions of Kidde Fire Extinguishers Being Recalled

Emergency preparedness is important for everyone, both at home and at work. From earthquake kits to fire extinguishers, having the right equipment available can help you keep a bad situation from becoming disastrous. However, having a fire extinguisher won't do you much good in an emergency if it doesn't work properly. According to an article by the Associated Press of the L.A. Times, your fire extinguisher may currently be subject to recall.

Over 40 million extinguishers made by a company called Kidde are being recalled and replaced. This Thursday, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a notice regarding safety issues with 134 models of Kidde's plastic handle fire extinguishers. Over the years, various customers have reported issues with the extinguishers. The extinguishers didn't function properly for emergency personnel dealing with a car wreck in 2014, and since then, others have reported clogging of the nozzles.

The various extinguishers being recalled have been on the market for the past 4 decades, since 1973. Over 300 reports have been made of the extinguishers clogging or the nozzle coming off in emergency situations. Because of those issues, over a dozen injuries, nearly 100 reports of property damage, and a death have occurred. Kidde is offering replacement extinguishers to anyone affected by the recall. Their contact information is: (855) 271-0773 or at

Be safe. Emergency preparedness can go a long way toward protecting yourself and your loved ones (as well as your property) from irreversible damage. If you have a Kidde fire extinguisher, make sure to get it replaced ASAP. Even though the issues listed above were uncommon versus the number of extinguishers that worked properly, your safety is not worth the risk. Safety first!

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